Skid Row: reunion with Sebastian Bach is “not going to happen”

Mick Hutson / Getty Images

Skid Row guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo has said a reunion with singer Sebastian Bach is out of the question.

Speaking to US radio station Q103, Sabo addressed the constant rumours of a reconciliation with original singer Bach, who left the band when they went on hiatus in 1996. Bach was replaced by Johnny Sollinger when the band returned in 1999.

"People are wanting what once was — I do understand it; of course I do,” said Sabo. “But it's not going to happen. And we've been saying that for a pretty long time.

"People get married and people get divorced," he said. "Some people — very few — but some people end up going back with their ex-wives. I've got no desire to go back with my ex-wife. I'm very happy with my current relationship.”

The guitarist admitted that he understands why fans want to see the band reunite with Bach, but said that it would never happen for “private reasons.”

“This is where we all wanna be right here, right now,” he said. “I don't do this for money; money was never the issue with us. And so, yeah, if it was for a moneygrab, whatever – someone else could do it. Not that I'm allergic to money, I'm really, really happy where I'm at. And it's no disrespect to anybody – I wish everybody all the best. But for right now in my life, this works best for all of us.”

Skid Row are currently fronted by Swiss-born singer ZP Theart, formerly of power metal outfit DragonForce. The band are working on the third installment to their United World Rebellion EP trilogy. They have collaborated with members of Slipknot and Halestorm on songs for the new EP.

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