Skeletonwitch ex: Girlfriend told me I’d been fired


Former Skeletonwitch Chance Garnette says he found out from his girlfriend that the band had fired him.

He admits to a drinking problem which turned him into an “asshole off stage” before his dismissal.

But he wishes he’d had the chance to put things right rather than being sacked mid-tour in October, with the band continuing as a four-piece.

Co-founder Garnette says via Metal Injection: “Did I just up and split in the middle of a tour, leaving the band to soldier on as heroes, as indicated by all the reports? No. I was left behind, unsure about anything, with no communication.

“It was my girlfriend who told me they were firing me. Two days later, when I could get someone to take my call, I was told, ‘Right now you’re not the singer in Skeletonwitch.’”

He continues: “If I’d been given the opportunity to change what was wrong, then of course I would have. The last person to see who’s being an asshole is the person being the asshole. That was me – guilty.”

Garnette emphasises that he’s not trying to share the responsibility. “I should have been able to recognise my mistakes and fix my own shit,” he admits.

He adds: “I’m not blaming anyone for not coming to me with an ultimatum. I wish something like that would have happened. It didn’t. What can I do?”

He’s receiving attention for his issues and says he’s trying to focus on the future. Apologising to everyone who was inconvenienced by his behaviour and dismissal, he adds: “I don’t feel I’m finished artistically. I’m sitting on notebooks full of ideas and I hope I get to perform again.

“If I get that opportunity, I won’t let you guys down.”

Skeletonwitch return to the UK later this month, with former Cannabal Corpse and Battlemaster vocalist Andy Horn as a stand-in member:

Apr 11: Manchester Sound Control

Apr 13: Glasgow Ivory Blacks

Apr 14: Birmingham Oobleck

Apr 15: Sheffield Corporation

Apr 16: London Underworld