"How do you even wear that? It's like, ridiculous!" Sebastian Bach berates fan for wearing Skid Row t-shirt

Skid Row onstage
(Image credit: The Video Vault)

If Sebastian Bach is serious about reuniting with Skid Row – last month he told Metal Hammer readers he could "definitely see that happening" – then it's probably fair to see he needs to work on his diplomacy.

At a show on Tuesday night at Saint Andrew's Hall in Detroit, MI, Bach was widely reported to have described Skid Row as "fucking assholes" for firing him. He later took to Twitter to clarify that he was referring to Madam X, the Detroit band he parted ways with prior to becoming Skid Row frontman.

Bach went on to berate a fan wearing a Skid Row t-shirt, then invited the entire audience to audition for his old band as they look for a full-time replacement for Erik Grönwall, who announced his departure earlier this year.

The action is captured in a compilation of clips filmed on the night by YouTubers The Video Vault, which begin with Bach responding to a shout from the audience.

"Yeah, that's the band that kicked me out," responds Bach. "Yeah, killer. Great. Fucking assholes."

Bach is then shown berating a fan wearing a Skid Row t-shirt. "I'm fascinated by this shirt right here," he tells the audience. "This is Skid Row with what number singer? Seven? Eight? Nine? What number is that guy? Huh? What number? Is that replacement number seven? Or number eight? Or number nine? 

"And before you say, 'Well they don't have nine,' I can fucking name every fucking one of them. How do you even wear that? It's like, ridiculous. Is that the guy from Dragonforce? Or fucking TNT? Or whatever the fuck? Fucking embarrassing."

It turns out that Bach's math is indeed inaccurate. Including Bach (and the man he replaced, original frontman Matt Fallon), Skid Row have had seven singers, including Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, who temporarily stepped up to the mic at four shows last month.

In the final part of the clip, Bach invites the entire, 1000-strong audience to audition for Skid Row as they do an admirable job of singing along with the band's 1989 classic 18 And Life

"You guys can be the next singer of Sid Row," he tells the crowd. "I hear they're looking."

Meanwhile, in the official Skid Row corner, guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo has reiterated that a reformation is unlikely any time soon. 

"Well, the answer has been the same for – I don’t know – 20,000 years now," he told The Hook Rocks last month. "It’s not gonna happen."

Sebastian Bach's new album, Child Within The Man, is out now. 

Fraser Lewry

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