Lita Ford: I Believe Jackie Fox


Former Runaways guitarist Lita Ford says she believes ex-bassist Jackie Fox was raped by the band’s impresario Kim Fowley.

Fox spoke out this month about the events of New Year’s Eve 1975, saying she was assaulted by Fowley after being force-fed drugs, while Runaways members Joan Jett and Cherie Currie were amonth the witnesses.

Fowley died of cancer in January. Jett and Currie have both denied Fox’s description of the attack. Fox has argued that the musicians, who were all teenagers at the time, were victims of the situation too.

Ford tells Rockin’ 101: “I was not there when this happened, as Jackie says it did, so I really can’t tell you much.

“I never really hung out with Joan or Cherie – whatever went on between Joan and Cherie kind of stayed between Joan and Cherie. Scott Anderson, the manager along with Kim, went on tour with us. So if anybody knew anything it would have been Scott, Cherie and Joan, and Scott is passed away.”

She adds: “I do know that Jackie’s not a liar. If she says somebody was watching her, and if she says that this happened, then I believe her.

“She’s a little extreme at times – but still, it’s not right. I wasn’t there and no one told me about it. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”