Richards slams ‘nasty’ Dylan


Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has branded Bob Dylan a “nasty little bugger.”

The slam comes as retaliation over a comment made years ago.

But it hasn’t stopped him naming Dylan’s 1966 release Blonde On Blonde as an album everyone should hear before they die.

Richards tells NME: “He showed you that rock’n’roll didn’t need to be quite so restricted by that verse-chorus-verse formula. We app pushed each other in those days.”

However, he continues: “Bob’s a nasty little bugger. I remember him saying to me, ‘I could have written Satisfaction, Keith – but you couldn’t have written Desolation Row.’

“I said, ‘Well, you’re right there, Bob!’”

Meanwhile, Stones frontman Mick Jagger has become a great-grandfather after his daughter’s daughter, Assisi, gave birth to a girl at the weekend.

The 21-year-old new mum tells Hello: “I imagine it’s nice to be a great-grandad, although I’m not sure he likes the idea of getting old, or being called one. I call him Mick – I wouldn’t start calling him grandpa.”