Remember that Fountains Of Wayne song Stacy's Mom? Well say hello to Stacy's Dad

Sub Radio
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Hands up who remembers Fountains Of Wayne's pop-punk anthem Stacy's Mom?. A top tier rock club floor-filler back in the day, this disturbingly upbeat tale of horny adolescent fantasies was a sorta-hit in 2003, and had us all feeling sorry for Stacy, and somewhat intrigued as to just how MILF-worthy Stacy's Mom could really be. Gross, right? We'd like to say these were different times, but with New Zealand model/actress Rachel Hunter being cast as the bikini-clad mother in question, the song's video is still very much a fixture wherever pop-punk videos are aired.

Now the song is making its way around TikTok, thanks to an outrageously charismatic indie band named Sub Radio who have covered the track with an unexpected twist – they've changed the lyrics to actually celebrate Stacy's Dad, who is apparently worthy of some adolescent ogling too.

This time around the visuals centre on the sextet performing in a living room, bobbing around merrily in their socks, and styling out a selection of fabulous poses while miming on their instruments.

'Stacy's dad has got me down bad' sings Adam Bradley. 'Stacy can I come over in my car? We can change the oil and hang out in the garage. Ménage a garage'.

Amusingly, the band also sync each line with an accompanying choreographed dance move: during this particular section, the group stand together to simultaneously put on an imaginary seatbelt. 

Later, pretending to hammer whilst holding DIY tools, Bradley continues 'Did your dad get back from the hardware store? Is he there, or he is reading about the civil war?'.

And the chorus (the part that we'd all lose our shit to on alcopop-glazed rock club dancefloors) runs 'And I know you think it's just a fantasy, but since your mom came out, your dad could use a guy like me. Stacy's dad has got me down bad...'

That, my friends, is top quality TikTok content. Don't believe us? Ask the 1.5 million people who gave it a like, and the 7.9 million who have watched it so far. Or, just watch it below and judge for yourself:


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