Reborn Solemn Sun drop 'debut' single Josef


Solemn Sun say their rebranding was an effort to distance themselves from the folk-punk scene they had been lumped into.

Previously known as Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun, the English band are now known simply as Solemn Sun and have released a ‘debut’ single. The video for Josef can be seen below.

Frontman Lockey says: “We’d reached the juncture where most would wander the beaten path and churn out a carbon copy of the last effort. Having little time for bands that stagnate and even less for being consumed by the scene we found ourselves in, we decided we would take our band back from what it became.

“We would re-establish ourselves as people, reinvent the band we are and restart our journey again on our own terms.“

Solemn Sun: Josef