Queen: Classic Rock Special Edition mag is on sale now

With the blockbusting success of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, Queen are more popular than they’ve ever been. And now they’re the subject of an exclusive special edition magazine from the people behind Classic Rock.

Queen: Classic Rock Special Edition is a blockbusting 148-page magazine that charts the band’s full astonishing story from their pre-fame days right up to their current award-winning resurgence. 

It features a dazzling array of in-depth stories and exclusive interviews taken from the pages of Classic Rock magazine, including the stories behind such classic albums as A Night At The Opera, Sheer Heart Attack, News Of The World and Innuendo, as well as up-close-and-personal interviews with Brian May, Roger Taylor and current singer Adam Lambert.

Queen: Classic Rock Special Edition also celebrates the band’s music with a run-down of the 50 Greatest Queen Songs Of All Time and goes behind-the-scenes at some of the most talked-about moments of their career – including the infamously debauched New Orleans launch party for the Jazz album and the star-studded Freddie Mercury tribute concert.  Elsewhere, Foo Fighters drummer and Queen fanatic Taylor Hawkins pays tribute to Freddie Mercury – the ultimate showman,

“No other publication has had the same access to Queen – or has treated them with as much respect – as Classic Rock,” says Dave Everley, editor of this special edition. “Over the years the magazine has chronicled and celebrated every corner of their career with help and input from Brian May and Roger Taylor. You won’t find a more definitive account of this most majestic of bands anywhere.”

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Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

The first 15 years 

More than 45 years after they started, Queen remain champions of the world. We look back at their rise from hopefuls to global superstars.

The story of Queen II

The real birth of the legend – the album that defined their sound, captured their ambition and justified their self-belief.

The making of Sheer Heart Attack

Under pressure and struck by illness, Queen still managed to record the album that laid the foundations for all the success that followed. 

Stone Cold Crazy: the story behind the song

How Queen made the two-minute thrasher that influenced a generation of metal bands to come.

Inside Bohemian Rhapsody and A Night At The Opera

In 1975, writer Harry Doherty was there when Queen released Bohemian Rhapsody – and changed the world forever.

How prog were Queen?

Queen’s influence extended to the prog rock scene. Yes guitarist Steve Howe and ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy explain why. 

Freddie Mercury: rock’s ultimate icon

“No singer could do everything he could do”: Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins salutes the greatest performer of them all.

A Day At The Races

A Night At The Opera was Queen’s magnum opus – all they had to do was follow it up. That was when the problems started.

Roger Taylor: exclusive Q&A

In 2013, the drummer sat down with Classic Rock for his most wide-ranging and revealing interview ever.

The making of News Of The World

In 1977, it looked like Queen’s reign might be over. Instead, they hit back with one of their greatest ever albums. 

The truth behind the Jazz launch party

Queen’s sixth album was launched with the mother of all parties. This is what really happened on that naughty night in New Orleans. 

A Roadie’s Story

Peter Hince was Freddie Mercury’s longtime roadie. He reveals what it was like to have a front row seat on their amazing rocket ride.

Queen in the 80s

It was the decade when Queen had it all, lost it, and clawed it back again. But behind the strut and sparkle, storm clouds were gathering.

The Story Of Highlander

Immortal swordsmen, Sean Connery and a Queen soundtrack – director Russell Mulcahy looks back on a cult movie classic.

How Queen made The Miracle

As Queen released their final album of the 80s, Brian May revealed the new record had brought them closer together than ever before.

Queen’s Last Goodbye

From Innuendo’s breathtaking scope to Made In Heaven’s emotional epitaph, here’s how Queen went out with a bang.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

As big as Live Aid, with a the ultimate star-studded bill, this was a fittingly flamboyant send-off to the ultimate showman.

John Deacon: behind the enigma

He came, he saw, he vanished… the life and times of Queen’s bassist and secret songwriting weapon.

Queen + Paul Rodgers

Thirty years after he first met them, Harry Doherty reunited with Brian, Taylor and ‘new boy’ Paul Rodgers as they The Cosmos Rocks.

The ultimate Queen Buyer’s Guide

How to buy the best of the band’s illustrious back catalogue.

Queen Reborn!

How Adam Lambert pulled off the impossible and stepped seamlessly into Freddie Mercury’s ballet slippers.

Brian May speaks!

“It’s out of this world,” enthused the guitarist in 2017 as he looked back at Queen’s career – and forwards to what was coming.

Bohemian Rhapsody: inside the biggest music movie in history

As the Queen biopic landed in the cinema, Brian May dismissed the “bullshit” tabloid rumours surrounding it.

The 50 Greatest Queen Songs

We asked Queen fans everywhere to vote for the band’s greatest anthems – and this is what you told us.

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