Prog's Tracks Of The Week

And here’s some music that various members of the Prog team have been grooving to this week…


Irij - _High Above Sorrow Maybe it’s because I’ve just been subbing Paul Sexton’s prog folk column in the forthcoming issue that I’ve opted for this track, the debut offering from former Eluevietie violinist Meri Tadic. Far more in prog’s realm than much of the Swiss band’s folk metal, this is a delightfully promising offering. You can read all about Meri’s new outfit Irij in the next issue of Prog.


Agent Fresco - See Hell

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to Eistnaflug festival, situated in a tiny fishing town on Iceland’s east coast. It’s a truly magical event, with everything from black metal to punk and prog, and you can read my review of it in the next issue of Prog. For now, check out the new video from a local Icelandic band who I caught at the festival, Agent Fresco – who combine pop, prog, art metal and math-rock to their musical melting pot.


Pond - Man It feels Like Space Again If you wake up on a Saturday morning and make a beeline to this very site to see what gems my colleagues have chosen to illuminate your world, you may get the same shudder of excitement that I used to get as a kid on a Saturday morning awaiting the start of The Banana Splits with psychedelic dogs and elephants driving dune buggies around to a demented soundtrack. In a splash of serendipity let me introduce you to this video that conjures that young, carefree world of my youth in the same detail, even down to the surreal, never standing-still musical arrangement from Pond who with their constant desire to trip out and tune in, are the masters of over indulgence but never over-blown. If nothing else, it will take your mind of England’s woes in the 2nd test. What’s that you say? Pond are Australian? Oh bugger…


Evan Caminiti _- _Collapse

Creepy and very intense, this slab of progressive house has been doing the rounds recently and it’s just perfect for the balmy evenings. Caminiti is one half of psychedelic drone band Barn Owl and he’s calling his solo work “desert post-rock”. It sounds like the sort of thing you might find building atmosphere in a John Carpenter film. Find Collapse on Evan Caminiti’s new album Meridian which is out now.


**Grand Tour - Time Runs Out ** For an explosion of traditional neo-prog, look no further than Heavy On The Beach, the first long player from Scotland’s Grand Tour. Led by keyboardist/writer Hew Montgomery (formerly of Abel Ganz), the band present a brilliantly evocative, sweeping and unabashedly literal set, inspired by the apocalyptic 1959 thriller On The Beach. Nothing like a little nuclear-age paranoia to get the creative juices flowing…


Von Hertzen Brothers - Hold Me Up The first single from Von Hertzen Brothers newest album and a wonderful uplifting tune that brings a most welcome distraction from this misty weather!


*Rocket Moth - Mesolow Teaser* From husband and wife team Hannah Stobart (previously seen singing in The Wishing Tree with Steve Rothery) and Paul Craddick, Rocket Moth are described in the latest issue as ranging from sweetly acoustic to headbangingly heavy prog. Check out this teaser video for their current debut album Mesolow.

Jerry Ewing

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