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PREMIERE: Bastard Feast – Fields Of Black Cancer

Bastard Feast, formerly known as Elitist, are gearing up to release new album Osculum Infame next month, and we've got the first track to stream into your ears.

Fields Of Black Cancer

Hailing from the mean and unwashed streets of Portland, Oregon, Bastard Feast have crawled out of the remains of the much loved band Elitist, much in the same manner as The Thing sprouting a few tentacles and razor-fanged cavities as it leaves its quivering host. Clearly none the happier for it, their debut album, Osculum Infame, released via Season Of Mist on July 18 - and named after a witch’s pledge of allegiance that basically involves kissing the devil’s ringpiece - is a colossal and scabrous journey that slides knee-first down huge pits of crust, sludge and black metal, belching soot and scrabbling for your ankles as it attempts to drag you down to the most unkempt corners of Hell.

Hammer is therefore very proud indeed to open up the Pandora’s Box that is their first missive with the first glimpse into the very headbangable horrors that lurk within, with the premier of the album’s penultimate track, Fields Of Black Cancer, which is in no way as pleasant as the title makes it sound. Buckle up, say farewell to any sense of wellbeing and dive into the track below!

Check out Bastard Feast’s Facebook page here!

And pre-order Osculum Infame here!