Outsider follows tried and tested Heep template


Uriah Heep's Mick Box says the band's upcoming 24th album follows a template laid down almost 45 years ago.

The guitarist says Outsider – released on Monday, June 9 – remains faithful to the band’s roots and adds that their constant cycle of writing, recording and touring is what keeps them happy.

Box says: “Back in 1970 we set the template for what Uriah Heep should sound like and we’ve kind of kept to that all the way through. I think as long you apply good songs to that template, it will always work. The put together the trademark Heep harmonies, Hammond organ and wah-wah solos and it becomes Heep very quickly.

“Where we’re headed in the next few years, we’ll go out and play all the 56 countries we tour in and promote the new album. Hopefully along that journey we’ll come up with some more ideas for another album. It’s a continuous process.

“I’ve always said that a happy band is a band that’s out there working. You’ll see us smiling a lot because we’re always working.”

Singer Bernie Shaw says making new music is essential to give main songwriters Box and keyboard player Phil Lanzon a creative outlet.

He says: “It’s all about live music and going out there and proving to people that you can play the songs that you write and you can have fun doing it. Heep are a touring band. Mick and Phil are always writing so we will, as long as we carry on, always create and record new records. The outlet needs to be there for their talent.”

Watch the full interview below, which also features drummer Russell Gilbrook, bassist Dave Rimmer and Phil Lanzon.