New Rob Zombie songs as 'weird' as ever


Rob Zombie says he is hard at work on a new album – and describes the material as “fuckin' weird'.

Zombie spills the beans on the upcoming follow-up to 2013’s Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor as he promotes his new live DVD, The Zombie Horror Picture Show – out today.

On the new songs, Zombie tells Billboard: “It sounds fuckin’ weird, man. That’s a really good thing. Right now I’m by myself in the studio; the rest of the band’s not here yet but they’ll all come up here later.

“It’s going good. I’ll work on that for about a month and get as far as I can get. Then in July we have a little bit of a break where I’ll probably finish up the record, and then we have some more touring.”

Zombie directs the new DVD and says the use of crowd cameras helps capture the chaos of his live shows. He says: “I was looking for something that really captured the moment, and I felt that it could really be done by having cameras everywhere, and mostly in the crowd because the crowd is such an important factor, at least at our shows.

“I didn’t want to see the band all clean and perfect. I wanted the chaos of the crowd at all times, because that’s how it feels when you’re on stage.”