My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way hints at new music

Gerard Way
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In a new interview with The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan R Gallagher, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way reveals that he may have new solo material in the works.

Way opened up about how he's been recording with long-time friend and engineer Doug McKean recently, saying: “I’m very comfortable with Doug [McKean], so we have done things – although we don’t like to do it this way so much – in the past where I will just do some fake lyrics over something and I’ll just get those word shapes in there.

“But what’s been working lately is sitting with Doug, working on the music, and then I’ll just go over to my office – which used to be Marion Peck’s painting studio, and I love that room – and I will sit while Doug mixes, tweaks, edits, programmes more drums… 

“I’ll literally sit there and I will write as close as possible to what I think are gonna be either the final lyrics, or at least what I’m comfortable singing at that moment.”

The vocalist also recalls his experience in working on 2006’s seminal album The Black Parade, and muses over how “comfortable” he felt when working with the band.

He explains: “You know what was cool? I felt perfectly comfortable in My Chemical Romance just winging it; I felt very comfortable around the guys. There was almost this understanding that we had that, ‘None of us really know what we’re doing right now, so don’t judge each other.’

“So it was very cool, because we’d all set up and write songs, and we’d start playing, and then I would just kind of garble my way through whatever I started to hear in my head – literally trying things, just experimenting. They really gave me the space to do that, so I never felt embarrassed saying a weird word or missing my mark, you know?”

For the full interview, find it below:

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