Music becoming an old man’s game?


Music appears to be becoming an old person’s game – it’s been revealed that the average age of the ten best-selling artists of last year was 38.

Only four of them, all pop acts, were aged 25 or under in 2014, with three in their 30s and one each in their 50s, 60s and even 70s.

The balance was heavily swayed by rock bands – AC/DC were the fifth best-selling band of the year, with an average age of 60, while Pink Floyd, at number seven, averaged 70 years old.

And ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson, at number six, would have been 56 if he hadn’t died in 2009.

The information, sourced from the IFPI Global Record Artist Chart, was revealed by Music Business Worldwide, who comment: “Thought pop was music made for teenagers, by teenagers? Not any more.”

IFPI Global Recording Artist chart 2014

  1. Taylor Swift – age 25

  2. One Direction – avg age 22

  3. Ed Sheeran – 24

  4. Coldplay – avg 37

  5. AC/DC – avg 60

  6. Michael Jackson – 56 if still alive

  7. Pink Floyd – avg 70

  8. Sam Smith – 22

  9. Katy Perry – 30

  10. Beyonce – 33