Motorhead's Mikkey Dee: "I'm glad Lemmy doesn't have to experience today's political correctness because he would be going f**king crazy"

Motorhead's Mikkey Dee and Lemmy
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Mikkey Dee has shared what he believes Lemmy would think of today's "political-correctness" and cancel-culture.

While in conversation with Metal Pilgrim, the former Motörhead drummer was asked to recall a particularly "crazy" memory from his days with the band. In response, he says: "That's the hardest question you can ask me, because like Lemmy used to say, "We are Spinal Tap with no script." Because there was shit happening - funny stuff - every single day."

He continues, "But I can't just take one [incident]; it's too hard because we had so much fun together, and there was so much craziness happening that today sometimes if I'm lying in bed thinking back on certain tours or whatever, I go, 'I can't believe that happened.'"

On how the rock'n'roll band's shenanigans would be perceived in today's more mindful political climate, Dee says: "Today it's almost impossible to think because the world has changed so much with acceptance of everything. One thing I'm glad Lemmy [doesn't] have to experience is this fucking political correctness that I can't stand." 

Dee is then asked as to whether he believes Motorhead would have been cancelled if they were around today. In response, he answers: "We would be so off the scale. I mean, to play a joke on someone and then to take a joke from someone, that is life; that's the way it should be. But today you can't say anything, really, before people freak out over absolutely nothing. And no sense of humour at all."

"So, I'm glad Lemmy doesn't have to experience this because he would be going fucking crazy.

"'Cause he was a jokester, and with Motorhead we played jokes on each other all the time, and with other people. And we were good sports, and we could take any kind of joke back. So that's how we were. That's why a lot of craziness happened in a very funny way. But thinking about some of this shit, I go, 'Oh my God. If we would do this now, we would be in jail. We would be off this planet. They'd put us on the moon, for sure.'"

Listen to the interview below:

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