Metallica just smoothly shut down a fan attempting to dunk on a bagpipe cover of their songs: "This guy doesn't speak on our behalf"

Ally The Piper and James Hetfield
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Metallica are a band proud to preach togetherness and positivity at their live shows, and their interactions with their own fanbase prove that they're happy to put their money where their mouth is. Last year, the band famously slapped down a grumpy fan who was busily bemoaning the amount of people discovering the metal heavyweights for the first time through Master Of Puppets' headline-making appearance in Stranger Things. Now, they've been spurred to play peacemaker once again, this time in response to a fan who was being particularly spiky about a fun bagpipe medley covering some of Metallica's most famous songs.

The medley, produced by bagpipe extraordinaire and Youtuber Ally The Piper (you may remember her from such riotous covers as her version of Hallowed Be Thy Name), includes unique takes on Fade To Black, One, Enter Sandman and Whiskey In The Jar. Sadly, one furious fan was clearly not impressed, angrily responding: "Bagpipes don't belong in Metallica! James Hetfield would not approve" (quite how they knew James Hetfield's opinion on the matter is unconfirmed).

Luckily, Metallica themselves were immediately on hand to shut such negativity down, replying just five minutes later: "This guy doesn't speak on our behalf. You're awesome."

"When Metallica defends you in the comments of your own video," beamed a delighted Ally in a post accompanied by a screenshot of the unlikely intervention. 

So that's settled, then: not only are bagpipes officially metal as hell (Jonathan Davis knew all along), but they are also officially Metallica-approved.

Watch Ally Piper's Metallica medley below.

Metallica recently wrapped up the first leg of their 72 Seasons tour, which has been blazing across Europe at select dates this summer. The tour featured two stops in each country, with two exclusive, no-repeat setlists played in each venue they played. When asked by Metal Hammer earlier this year how long the band envisioned carrying on with world tours for, drummer Lars Ulrich replied: "How long is a piece of string? If I keep sitting on that Peloton and everybody else stays in good shape, then knock on wood, hopefully a few years still. Look at the Stones. Look at McCartney.”

Latest album 72 Seasons is out now.

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