Machine Head quit joke saved band


Machine Head mainman Robb Flynn has recalled how a joke about quitting saved the band from doing just that.

Last year he revealed that he, drummer Dave McClain and manager Joey Huston had all threatened to leave at the same time, then laughed about it – but the moment made them realise that bassist Adam Duce had to go.

Now Flynn tells Full Metal Jackie: “We reached this point where we just couldn’t take what was going on, and we laughed. All this frustration had been leading up to it for so long. We were like, ‘What are we doing, man? The three of us have all independently come to this thought and we don’t want to lose this thing.’

“So we made a decision to make a change – and here we are.”

The result was eighth album Bloodstone & Diamonds, launched in November. Flynn says: “I think, more than anything, what I get out of it is this sense of rejuvenation. This sense of rebirth.

“I feel like in some ways there was a part of Machine Head that died, and this new Machine Head was born out of it. We’re so lucky to be here. We’re lucky enough to have this diehard fan base that just loves our band. That’s all you need, man.

“You just keep on doing your thing and that’s what we’re doing.”

The band settled a $1.8m lawsuit with Duce last July.