Machine Head Entering The Studio This Weekend

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has confirmed that work on the new album will kick into gear this coming weekend.

Our Robb confirmed via his regular blog that MH are due to step back into the studio ASAP, and that the album is shaping up to be something very, very special indeed.

“Looking forward to this; it’s gonna be a fun album to record. We have some really, really strong songs, powerful songs. There’s no question it’s going to be a big project. So with big projects come big expectations and sometimes big ‘issues,’ but the feeling in the band, the feeling BETWEEN the band, is so positive we’re chomping at the bit to get started.

“We know it will be a big undertaking but we’re up for it. We’re ready. We’re approaching two decades of recording and releasing our music to you. Let that sink in for a minute… because it definitely causes me to pause.

“Most bands do not get to make music for as long as we have and flourish. Most bands do not get to build an ‘army’ of fans and friends. We have, and for one of many reasons, we refuse to rest on our laurels. There’s no getting complacent at this stage of the game. Good isn’t good enough, it has to change the world, it has to dent the universe. You won’t care if it’s anything less. We’re putting in the long, hard, boring hours of work that it takes to make something truly special.

“And I have to mention it again; the feeling of four guys pulling together, four guys all on the same page, four guys all on the same team, man… it is an amazing feeling. I can’t remember a time when the band was this locked-in mentally, physically, and spiritually. There’s still a waaaaays to go before we’re done, a few songs still getting wrapped up musically / lyrically…

“But yeah, it begins… this weekend.”

Machine Head - Locust

Robb gave us an insight into some of the themes set to run through the opus, telling us at the start of the year:

“I’ve got some pretty cool lyrics ready. There’s a song called Night Of The Long Knives, and it’s pretty fucked! It’s about the Manson murders, and the lyrics are really dark and vicious. We’ve found some new twists to give to the Machine Head sound and some new fire and excitement.”

Machine Head’s return to the studio comes despite the recent news that they are being sued by former bassist Adam Duce.

Adam, who was fired from the band back in February of last year, is suing his ex-bandmates on grounds of “trademark infringement, breach of partnership agreement and defamation”, according to a report by The Courthouse News Service.

The bassist is also said to have claimed that, despite all four members at the time sharing equal ownership of the band’s Head Machine Touring Inc corporate front, frontman Robb Flynn claimed the majority of the band’s touring profits.