Lucker memorial hard to watch for bandmates


Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun says he struggles to watch footage of the 2012 memorial concert for late singer Mitch Lucker.

But he adds that he is proud of the show, which was held to honour their fallen friend and raise money for his young daughter Kennedy.

The Mitch Lucker Memorial Concert was held in December 2012, a month after he died in a motorbike crash. A host of guest stars took part and the event was later released on DVD, with funds going to Lucker’s family.

Heylmun tells Music Frenzy: “I’m really thankful that it came together like that. We wanted to do something special for Mitch, raise money for Kennedy and do something for the cause, everything was for his family. “Really all he cared about was making sure she could go to the school she wanted to go to and had everything that she wanted, so we’re doing our best to keep that going for him.”

On watching the footage, he says: “I would say I’ll never forget it but it’s honestly a hard thing to really remember. It was such a traumatic time for me.”

Suicide Silence release You Can’t Stop Me – their first album since Lucker’s death – on July 11, featuring new vocalist Eddie Hermida.