Watch our round up of the best new alternative music this week, featuring the Dandy Warhols, Destroy Boys and more

A montage of tracks in this week's tracks of the week roundup
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Greetings, music fans, to this week's round up of the best alternative music to have been chucked out into the universe over the last seven (give or take) days. 

For the first time ever, we've turned our selections into a brand-spanking new video series, where you can give each track a spin while our host, Paul McCallum, gives you his essential rundown on who they are and why they're must-hears.

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Up this week we've got Californian punk rockers Destroy Boys, whose pop-rock banger of a single Plucked marks a whole new era for the band. Indie rock stalwarts The Dandy Warhols make a triumphant return with their dark, cinematic new single I Will Never Stop Loving You – featuring vocals from the legend that is Debbie Harry.

Elsewhere, Charlotte, NC "alt-gazers" (is that a thing? We guess it is now) Clearbody unleash their "emotionally heavy" new single Cordelia. UK punks The Menstrual Cramps unleash a scathing takedown of the state of Britain's attitude to worker rights in riotous banger Class War, and From Indian Lakes release the first single from their first album in five years – a lush, hefty slice of melancholic shoegaze that we haven't been able to stop playing since it dropped. 

UK punks Yobs drop their scuzzy, scrappy take on the history of Alan Turing, while seven-piece screamo collective Heavenly Blue unleash pure fury on latest single We Have The Answer. Rounding the list out is Mandy with her anthemic earworm High School Boyfriend, a song she calls an ode to teenage girls everywhere.

Hear all the songs and find out more about them at the video above, or listen to them all in full on our playlist below.

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