Lombardo's advice to young drummers


Philm mainman Dave Lombardo has passed on some sage advice to young drummers.

The former Slayer sticksman says he’s a firm believer of picking and choosing bits and pieces from other acts and blending them together to form his own unique style.

Recalling some of the bands that influenced him as a child, Lombardo says he taught himself how to drum and he would advise any would-be drummers to do the same.

He tells WSOU: “To give you an idea of the 45s that I bought as a kid, I had Superstition by Stevie Wonder, Bachman Turner Overdrive Taking Care Of Business, The Doobie Brothers Long Train Running. A lot of different styles.

“I’m self-taught. That matters because I didn’t learn from a school curriculum, I learned from the records I bought.

“Practice what you’re taught in school, if you’re taking lessons, but don’t be afraid to venture out and search for new music and music that is inspiring, and try to develop your own style. Take from different genres and apply them to what you like.

“Take your favourite genres and then create your own style.”

Lombardo was fired from Slayer in 2013 over a contractual dispute and later said he’d never go back. But in December, he said he would like to return one day to “retire the band correctly.”