Lemmy can't get enough of ABBA

Lemmy has revealed a secret love of Swedish pop icons ABBA.

The Motorhead frontman made the admission and also compared modern music stars to the rockers of his day – saying today’s acts prefer “peppermint tea and biscuits over Jack Daniel’s and strippers.”

Lemmy tells the Huffington Post: “We’re hearing a lot of guff about young male musicians requesting peppermint tea and biscuits rather than Jack Daniel’s and strippers. Do you think the identity of the male rock star has changed?

“It depends who you’re talking to really, doesn’t it. I mean some people are still wild, although it’s getting more and more difficult and some people, you know, like the mineral water. I don’t know. I have to drink some of that shit now, but there you go.”

Asked to reveal something that would surprise his fans, he adds: “One of my favourite bands is ABBA.”

Meanwhile, Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee says writing new material that sounds like their old songs is “very hard.” Dee admits the band can’t afford to move too far away from their classic sound – which makes it difficult to come up with fresh ideas.

He tells EMP Rock Invasion: “We have a very tight framework to work within. And to write new songs that sound like the old songs, but are still yet the new songs, that’s very, very hard. It just feels like you’ve heard it all before, which you probably have. How do you add colour to a black-and-white picture and it’s still black-and-white?”

“It limits us from going in any extreme directions, which we shouldn’t do to begin with, but we should be able to experiment a little bit more musically sometimes. And the blessing is that I don’t think there’s a lot of bands that have that privilege of really build up something like what Motorhead has.

“When you see reviews, and they go, ‘Yeah, the new Motorhead record, it’s a great album, but it kind of sounds like the old one, like the previous one. I gave it a three out of five, because you know what you get when you buy Motorhead.’ And a lot of people take that as, ‘That review wasn’t that good, Mick, was it?’ I go, ‘That’s the fucking perfect review. You’re not getting it. That means that we succeeded in sounding the same, but still new.’”

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