Lamb Of God In Space?

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler reckons that the band should get a go on one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flights.

“I think if we approached Richard Branson in the right way, we could help them prove how safe it is,” he tels Metal Injection. “Take a heavy metal band to space and we’re all going to get back just fine. How will I play drums in zero gravity? I’ll worry about that when I get there.”

Chris also backs Randy’s statement from earlier this year confirming that the band would be taking a break following a harrowing couple of years.

“The past two years, even as a normal touring cycle, have been pretty rough,” he reveals. “None of us are getting any younger and it does take its toll – then of course with the insane situation that happened to us, it was emotionally draining. We’re ready for a little break.

“We don’t really need Randy to be there when we’re writing the music, so we can get a great head start while he does his own thing. We’ve talked about getting together around June.”

But the date isn’t written in stone. “I think the situation remains fluid and continues to affect us in different ways – really because of the the death of a fan,” Adler says.

“I can see how it’s draining everyone even as we continue on, so it may be that we need a little more time. But I don’t think anyone’s thinking we’re not going to get together.

“We’re ready musically – I don’t know if we’re ready mentally.”

New Lamb Of God documentary As The Palaces Burn recently debuted to overwhelming critical acclaim and sees a limtied release at UK theatres this month.