Korn call on bully victims to speak up


Korn have called on fans who have been victims of bullying to speak up – and they'll use the real-life stories on an upcoming video.

Jonathan Davis and co want people to speak of their experiences on camera, and some will appear in the promo for recent track Hater, below.

The band say: “Answer the following questions in your video… What did the bully, abuser, or hater do? List off the things they said or did. How did it make you feel? List off some of the thoughts and feelings going through your head. Say ‘I felt…’”

They’ve asked for submissions to be kept as short as possible, and that all care is taken to make sure the sound is clear and uncluttered with background noise. They’ll have to reject any clips containing logos or names of people involved in the stories. Find out more.

Hater appears on the band’s recent release The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition, which features three new studio tracks and six live ones.

Meanwhile, former Korn drummer David SIlveria has just confirmed details of his new project Infinika, created alongside ex-Anyone frontman Riz Story.