Kiss book explores 1978 'solo' albums


A book exploring Kiss’ 1978 ‘solo’ albums will be released this month.

Julian Gill’s 454 page book Gene, Ace, Peter & Paul: A Detailed Exploration of the 1978 Kiss Solo Albums is issued via Amazon and Createspace from September 18.

The publishers say the book “puts the four Kiss solo albums under the microscope like never before.” More than 30 brand-new interviews were conducted with people who either worked directly on the solo albums or have a strong connection with the projects.

Some of those who feature are Ben D Bollinger, John Cavazos, Eric Troyer, Neil Jason, Michele Slater, Michael Des Barres, Richard T Bear, Mitch Weissman and Brendan Harkin.

Much of the book is based on a 2013 online retrospective run by that commemorated the 35th anniversary of the albums.