Josh Klinghoffer says Red Hot Chili Peppers made "cooler music" when he was playing guitar in the band

Josh Klinghoffer
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Josh Klinghoffer, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, thinks that the band were "doing cooler music" when he was in the line-up.

Originally serving as their touring guitarist, Klinghoffer joined the Californian funk rockers in 2009 following the departure of guitarist John Frusciante. During his tenure, they quartet released two albums, 2011's I'm With You and 2016's The Getaway. 

Three years later however, Klinghoffer was 'let go' after the Chilis re-recruited Frusciante once again. Since his return, the LA rockers have released two studio albums, 2022's Unlimited Love and Return Of The Dream Canteen.

In conversation with the Brazilian podcast 5 Notas (via Consequence), the group's former guitarist expressed his dislike of the Chilis' new material, revealing that he thinks they created "cooler music" when he was in the mix.

“I don’t think I finished [listening to] the second [2022 album, Return Of The Dream Canteen],” Klinghoffer explains. 

Speaking of the 17-song record, he adds: “I was trying to cram it in once before leaving on a plane, and I got as far as maybe the ninth song, and I don’t think I listened to the rest.”

After briefly hinting that he had been working on new material with the Chilis at the time of his departure, he continues, "It’s tough [listening to their new music], only because I honestly think we were doing cooler music.

"I never want to sound negative about anyone doing music, but I was shocked when I heard their new record."

Although being replaced certainly may have stung, Klinghoffer reveals to harbour no hard feelings towards Frusciante, and goes on to discuss their 2004 collaborative effort A Sphere in the Heart of Silence.

"I feel like it would be fun to play some of those songs again, or play them live — we never played them live,” he muses. “We don’t talk much these days. But I’ve always maintained that I still have an enormous love for him. He’s one of my favorite musicians; one of my favorite writers. I’m not against the idea.”

Listen to the podcast below:

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