Lynne considers ELO return

Jeff Lynne is considering bringing the Electric Light Orchestra back after a successful one-off open-air show last weekend, he’s revealed.

He hit the stage under the title Jeff Lynne’s ELO at London’s Hyde Park, following a campaign by DJ Chris Evans. It came after a performance for BBC charity Children In Need last year – the first since cancelling a planned tour in 2000. The latest lineup, which rehearsed for a month, included former keyboardist Richard Tandy.

Lynne tells the Telegraph: “To start with, it was like wearing a pair of old boots, but after three weeks it felt like a comfortable pair of slippers.”

Infamous for his perfectionism in the studio, he re-recorded some of ELO’s classic tracks from scratch for 2012’s best-of compilation. But after the Hyde Park experience, he thinks the time could be right for a fully-fledged comeback.

He says: “With all these great string samplers and synths, it wouldn’t be such a drag for me – the sound would be perfect, everything would be sweet. So never say never. But it would be nice to find a way of doing it without going anywhere.”