'In a world of Eric Claptons, be Alice Cooper': Internet love-in follows image of shock rocker at food bank

Alice Cooper
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As we get closer to the holidays, we're reminded that the world – in spite of its many obvious flaws – isn't such a bad place after all. While it's easy to focus on the ever-present threat of the Coronavirus, or the fact that politicians are pigging out in secret cheese and wine rave-ups while the rest of us stay away from our loved ones, it's time like these where shining a light on all the good things life has to offer becomes incredibly important. 

And what better person is there to do just that than Alice Cooper?

The internet has once again caught wind of the shock rocker's affinity for doing good and social media has lit up with people showing their appreciation for Cooper. So, what's brought on this sudden outpour, you ask? Well, a newly resurfacing image of Cooper has been making the rounds on Twitter, showing the Detroit-born singer dishing out food to kids in a shelter. 

As many share their thoughts on the photograph, one tweet in particular has gained traction, which reads: "In a world of Eric Claptons, be Alice Cooper". Followed with "by which I mean, 'in a world where too many people are irresponsible, hateful and mean-spirited, choose instead to be thoughtful and kind'".

It seems like others have picked up on the two musician's polarising differences, with one user adding "Alice Cooper serving up food for the less fortunate while Eric Clapton sues a woman over a $13 CD". 

If you weren't in on the current Clapton loop, the story is true: he sued a woman – a 55 year old widow to be exact – for listing a bootleg copy of one of his CDs on eBay for €9.95. Apparently, she wasn't aware the recording had been done illegally, but like a true holiday scrooge, Clapton won the case, and the woman was ordered to pay the legal fees of both parties, which approximately tallied up to a whopping £2,889. 

There's also, of course, Clapton's ongoing public commentary on the pandemic, which hasn't done much to help his place as one of the rock world's more divisive personalities. 

Although the photograph of Cooper had been posted before, fans are using it as an opportunity to share their personal stories about the 73-year-old musician. One user writes "Living in Arizona the last 32 years, he's around a lot and he is a very caring, compassionate guy who always serves the community. And always on the downlow. He doesn't do it for the photo op. He does it because he's truly a nice guy".

Another reads, "Alice Cooper is a beacon of positivity and this is a great photo. I also know he would be doing this without looking for any recognition of praise. I think mentioning Eric Clapton brings some negativity to the story which is unrelated to this one". 

Testament's Alex Skolnick has even weighed in on the love-fest, tweeting on Dec. 20, "Once held up as a threat to polite society, [Cooper] turns out to be a decent, outstanding citizen while so many so called 'model citizens' of schools, churches, business and especially politics, are like the evil characters in his songs."

To add more sweetness to Cooper's already saint-like persona, he actually used to hold an annual holiday party for underprivileged children at his now-closed restaurant in Phoenix, Cooper's Town. He additionally hosts the annual Christmas Pudding Fundraiser for disadvantaged youth too. 

Check out the image below:

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