Metalcore crew Ice Nine Kills have covered Walking On Sunshine with ska punks Reel Big Fish, because why not?

Ice Nine Kills and Reel Big Fish
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Metalcore horror hounds Ice Nine Kills have released one of the most leftfield metal songs of 2024, collaborating with ska punks Reel Big Fish on a cover of Katrina And The Waves’ Walking On Sunshine.

The cover/crossover was recorded as part of the soundtrack for an American Psycho graphic novel adaptation, released by Sumerian Comics.

Listen to the ska-metal team-up below.

Ice Nine Kills vocalist Spencer Charnas comments: “It’s no secret to INK fans that ska punk and horror movies are what pumps through my bloodstream.

“When the opportunity arose to combine one of my favourite films with one of my favourite bands of all time I didn’t just jump at the chance, I skanked over to my nail gun, axe and chainsaw and bludgeoned out my favourite cover we’ve ever done.”

American Psycho is a satirical horror novel by Bret Easton Ellis, released in 1991 as a jab at dog-eat-dog capitalism.

A film adaptation directed by Mary Hatton and starring Christian Bale as serial killer Patrick Bateman came out in 2000.

Charnas called Bateman “the perfect villain” in a 2020 interview with Alternative Press.

“Either [Billy Loomis from Scream] or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.” the singer said.

“That one’s really interesting because at the end of the book and the movie, you don’t really know if he actually did any other killing. Leaves it up to interpretation.”

Ice Nine Kills were started as a ska/pop-punk band in 2000, but switched to a metalcore sound on their second album, 2010’s Safe Is Just A Shadow.

The band released their latest album, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood, in 2021. The album contains many lyrical references to influential horror films.

In a recent Metal Hammer interview, Charnas revealed that Ice Nine Kills are preparing their next studio album.

“We are working on new music and it’s turning out incredible,” he said.

“We’re sort of in the demo stage now, but everything is really exciting.

“I think people are going to be very, very excited about what comes next.”

Charnas did not answer when asked if Ice Nine Kills’ next album will be the third entry in the Silver Scream trilogy.

Reel Big Fish released their latest album, Life Sucks... Let’s Dance!, in 2018 via Rock Ridge Music.

Walking On Sunshine (From The “American Psycho” Comic Series Soundtrack) - YouTube Walking On Sunshine (From The “American Psycho” Comic Series Soundtrack) - YouTube
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