Hendrix producer Douglas dies at 81


The man behind some of Jimi Hendrix's later recordings has died.

Alan Douglas, who was 81, passed away peacefully at his home in Paris.

Douglas met Hendrix not long after the guitar icon’s performance at Woodstock and he came under fire from the rock community for introducing Hendrix to the world of jazz and The Last Poets.

The Last Poets movement was a collection of musicians and poets whose work is said to have been the roots of early rap and hip hop.

On Jimi’s later work, Douglas once said: “Jimi was being pigeonholed into the rock thing. I got a lot of heat for showing people this different side of Jimi but it didn’t matter. It was what he wanted to do. So, together we tried out all kinds of things – but, tragically, he died before we could do anything super special.”

In 1975, Douglas was put in charge of releasing Hendrix’s archive material and again he was criticised for dubbing in some new musical parts, replacing work that was deemed substandard.

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