Helloween reveal My God-Given Right


Helloween have announced they’ll release their 14th album, My God-Given Right, in June.

The follow-up to 2013’s Straight Out Of Hell carries 3D lenticular artwork by Martin Hausler, who took inspiration from Hollywood blockbuster Day After Tomorrow.

Frontman Andi Deris says: “I never know how, but somehow we did it once again. The album really rocks and kicks some major asses. We had the best folks with us to make this possible – producer Charlie Bauerfeind, and Martin Hausler, who made a massive artwork without stressing the whole colour range.”

Guitarist Michael Weikath adds: “This proves what a bit of snow not only is able to do, but really causes. I personally hate snow and the cover shows that too much of everything is never good. I’m very happy with the new album.”

My God-Given right appears on June 1 via Nuclear Blast. It’s available to pre-order in a variety of packages.