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Halestorm: We've done something we've never really done before on new EP

Halestorm (Image credit: Rob Fenn)

Halestorm have confirmed they’ve recorded a new EP.

Vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale and guitarist Joe Hottinger revealed the news in a new interview with Guitar Bonedo – and although they didn’t give too much away, they say they wanted to shake things up in the studio.

Hottinger says: “We made an EP with Nick Raskulinecz again and there will be more information on that coming up. It's just getting mixed now and it sounds awesome. 

“It's something we've never really done before. Everyone's expecting a covers EP, but we wanted to to shake it up a little. Technically, it is a covers EP – you'll find out. It's cool."

Hale says: “We can’t really talk about it,” but agrees with Hottinger that it’s “kinda” a covers EP and adds: “It’s a little strange.”

Halestorm previously worked with producer Raskulinecz on their 2017 ReAniMate 3.0 covers EP.

The band are also set to release a 10th anniversary edition of their self-titled 2009 debut album on December 20.

Along with all 11 tracks from the original record, the new edition will also feature 11 demo recordings, along with the b-side Still Breathing.

Speaking with the ToddCast podcast earlier this year, Hale explained: “There’s some things that maybe nobody has seen before. It's interesting, because it’s been 10 years since that first record, and we have so much that we didn’t release – including some stuff that’s literally my parents’ basement recordings and the first snippets of things. 

“We’ve been combing through all this stuff to try to find something that we really want to put out there and narrowing it down from all the other stuff.”

Find pre-order details below.

Halestorm: Halestorm 10th anniversary edition
Halestorm will mark the 10th anniversary of their self-titled debut album later this month with this new release. It features all album tracks along with demos and the b-side Still Breathing.View Deal

Halestorm: Halestorm 10th Anniversary Edition

Disc 1
1. It's Not You
2. I Get Off
3. Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
4. Innocence
5. Familiar Taste Of Poison
6. I'm Not An Angel

Disc 2
1. What Were You Expecting
2. Love / Hate Heartbreak
3. Better Sorry Than Safe
4. Dirty Work
5. Nothing To Do with Love

Disc 3
1. Hero (Reluctant Hero) [2006 Basement Demo]
2. Not Afraid Of Losin' (2007 Basement Demo)
3. Ride Or Die (2006 Basement Demo)
4. Gypsy Grifter (2006 Basement Demo)
5. Who Do You Love? (2006 Basement Demo)
6. The Proposition (2005 Basement Demo)

Disc 4
1. Tired Of Trying (2006 Basement Demo)
2. Annabelle (2006 Basement Demo)
3. Everyone Dies (Heaven Isn't Where We Belong) [2008 Space Bitch Demo]
4. Coming Back To Me (2007 LA Demo)
5. Not For Today (2007 LA Demo)
6. Still Breathing (2008 B-side)