Good news mini metalheads, you can now learn the alphabet with Babymetal

(Image credit: @ohmajinai)

As fully grown adults, the task of learning the alphabet is thankfully long behind us. In fact, it's hard to remember even doing so, but we imagine it probably went something like: "A is for apple, B is for banana" or some other variation...As budding baby metalheads though, what would have really come in handy is this new video, which has given the challenge a welcome metal twist.

Thanks to a Babymetal megafan known as Ohmajinai, you can now learn the alphabet along with trio's help. In this video guide, each letter is represented by a Babymetal lyric or phrase, such as "C" is for "Choodai! Choodai! Choodai!", a snippet from their song Onedari Daisakusen (Begging Operation).

There's also "F" for "Fox God", "L" for "Life is such a pain in the butt" from the track Elevator Girl, and our favourite, "M" for "Metallica, of course", which was lifted from a particularly sweet interview moment.

Comments beneath the video are pretty amusing too, and second the notion of it being an ideal tool for young metal kids to use. One user even suggests "They should teach the Babymetal alphabet in schools", and that they "couldn't think of a better way to introduce the youth of today to the world of the fox god/kawaii finest metal band Babymetal."

Anyway, we're sure you get the jist, so watch the video for the full effect below:

Liz Scarlett

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