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Glenn Hughes replaces John Corabi and Marco Mendoza in The Dead Daisies

Glenn Hughes (Image credit: Sergione Infuso/Corbis - Getty)

The Dead Daisies have announced they’ve brought Glenn Hughes into the lineup to replace John Corabi and bassist Marco Mendoza.

The move, which sees the former Deep Purple man take over vocal and bass duties, was announced on the band’s website, with a statement reporting that vocalist Corabi and bassist Mendoza will now concentrate on solo projects.

And to mark the news, The Dead Daisies have released Righteous Days on their website – their first material with Hughes at the helm.

A statement explains: “The Dead Daisies are a musical collective, whose members come together through a common love for great rock music. It’s a living, breathing, musical organism with the credo, ‘Rock is indeed alive and well.’

“From the band’s inception, the idea was for members to bring their own ideas to the table but also have the flexibility to come and go when working on their other projects.

“Both John and Marco are, and always will be, a part of The Dead Daisies musical family, but at this point in time they have decided to do some work on their own solo projects.

“The guys have recently been in the studio in Los Angeles recording some new music with legendary singer and bass player Glenn Hughes. Righteous Days is airing exclusively across the planet this week.

"David Lowy, Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo and Glenn head back into the studio later in the year to finish the album and look forward to seeing you on the road in 2020."

The Dead Daisies released their covers collection Locked And Loaded last week, which features their take on tracks recorded by artists including The Who, Neil Young and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The Dead Daisies: Locked And Loaded
The Dead Daisies pay tribute to their musical heroes with this covers album, which was released earlier this month. It features covers of songs originally recorded by The Who, The Beatles and more.View Deal

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