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Ginger rules out more Wildhearts albums

Ginger Wildheart says he doesn’t want to record more albums under the Wildhearts banner.

He’s been on the road with his Songs & Words tour recently and plays Download on June 13 with Hey! Hello! And he reveals he’d be happy if he never played another gig with the Wildhearts again.

Speaking to TeamRock Radio at last weekend’s Camden Rocks, Ginger says: “I’m doing the Wildhearts thing as a service because the fans want it. I would be happy never doing a Wildhearts gig for the rest of my life to be honest.

“It’s something that I did – it’s a 90s thing and I’m way more interested in something I haven’t done and I want to do. I’m not one of these people who thinks you should be in one band for your whole life – I’ve got too many ideas.”

He continues: “I do it because the audience really want us to play. They’re the boss – it’s not my decision. Do I want to do another Wildhearts album? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t even know what to write about.”

The full interview with Ginger will be broadcast as part of TeamRock Radio’s Camden Rocks special on Saturday.

He launched a Pledge campaign to back his upcoming book based on his spoken work tour – and has offered fans an exclusive four-track EP. Ahead of his Download appearance, he’ll play a warm-up show at London’s Underworld on June 11.