Former Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler calls ex-bandmate Mark Morton “a f**king douche”

Chris Adler/Mark Morton
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We've all been there: you send out a quick, funny message, then realise while waiting  for the response that actually, maybe it isn't funny, and actually, maybe it could be completely misinterpreted. A hasty follow-up of strings of Emojis later and you might look unhinged, but you pray to God the initial intention of the message is understood. 

It's a truism of internet socialising and only gets worse when it comes to public exchanges between former bandmates. An exchange between former Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and guitarist Mark Morton had fans busting out the popcorn last night when Adler called Morton 'a fucking douche'. 

This was in response to a joking Tweet Morton had earlier put up, after he had been blocked by another Twitter user, screenshotting the notification with the comment "But whyyyyyyyy?!?!?", prompting Adler to comment. 

Morton was quick to respond, writing "I usually wait until after dark to drunk message my exes" and... well, that was it. Shots fired, everyone went home. 

It's hard to tell whether the pair were just ribbing each other or if it was a case of handbags at dawn, particularly since Chris Adler has since deleted his initial Tweet. 

The relationship between Adler and the rest of Lamb Of God has been fairly mercurial since departed the band in 2019 after playing with them for 25 years. His departure was something of a shock, as while he had not toured with the band in 2018, he still gave updates on what was happening in the camp and was a founding member of the group back in 1994, when they were still called Burn The Priest. 

At the time of his departure, Adler had suggested his relationship with the band was fine, even telling Australian radio host Andrew Haug "I think everybody parted on good terms. I'm really excited to hear their new record. So I'm thrilled to hear what's going on with them. I'm sure they're doing very well.” 

He also expressed that the band were in 'good hands' regarding replacement drummer Art Cruz. 

This was somewhat contradicted last year when he said that Lamb Of God were 'toxic', in an interview with MetalSucks

This wouldn't be the first time Lamb Of God have been caught out due to comments that didn't necessarily reflect their wider context. In a June 2020 interview with American Songwriter, Mark Morton described Chris Adler as "a phenomenal talent" while discussing the differences between his style and Art Cruz's. 

He also described Cruz as "a little less robotic," however and the comments were picked upon by news outlets, prompting him to Tweet some clarification on his relationship with Chris Adler.

"Chris Adler is an incredibly talented person & an incredibly talented drummer," he wrote. "We have made a ton of music together & I'm immensely proud of our collective work. I have said that repeatedly in recent interviews because I mean it. Sites want clicks so they SPIN it another way."

He also sent out a separate tweet saying, "Chris and I remain in contact and he knows damn well that I love and respect him."

Leaving us no clearer on if this latest exchange is beef or banter. Cheers lads, glad we cleared that up.

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