How Homme saved Hughes from drug death


Jesse Hughes has recalled how Eagles Of Death Metal bandmate Josh Homme took decisive action to save him from death by drug addiction in the early 2000s.

The vocalist and guitarist admits he was close to death as a result of life complications, leaving friends and family in doubt over his future.

And his mother decided Queens Of The Stone Age mainman Homme was the only person who could help.

Hughes tells Consequence Of Sound: “I was going through a really ugly divorce, and I’m a devout Christian, so divorce isn’t a concept to me.

“I went through a very typical, cliched ‘I served you my whole life and this is what I get’ anger. I weighed 250 pounds – I was a big ol’ redneck boy.”

He decided to start taking speed, resulting in the loss of 80 pounds and a deep depression. He continues: “My mother called Joshua because she felt it was one of the only dudes I listened to. She was worried I was going to commit suicide – I have a lot of guns.

“Joshua had just gotten back from Australia after Songs For The Deaf went platinum. There was a knock on my door. He pushed me aside and started putting all my guns in a pillowcase, and went, ‘What’s going on, dude?’”

The Eagles Of Death Metal launch fourth album Zipper Down today (October 2). They tour the US later this month before returning to the UK, followed by a run of European shows.