Dödsrit streams new album Spirit Crusher in full


Swedish crust/d-beat/sludge innovator Dödsrit (aka Christoffer Öster) is premiering his new album Spirit Crusher in full exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Formerly a member of crust-punks Toten Skin, Christoffer is releasing his second album in as many years under the name Dödsrit.

Speaking to Hammer about new album Spirit Crusher, he says the his focus has been on the music and its ability to speak for itself.

"I want music to be like reading a book, you have to put some of your own imagination to it. To create a world of your own. Let it get personal. Lyric-wise the roots are about frustrations in your everyday life. It can be about being unsatisfied with the state of the society you live in. For example, quite recently we had an election here in Sweden and it turned out that the third biggest party was a fascist one, and that's quite scary how popular they've become in such short time. The trend seems to unfortunately be spreading across Europe and I try to reflect those frustrations in to the lyrics."

Spirit Crusher is released September 28 through Prosthetic Records and is available to pre-order now (opens in new tab).