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DOA’s Shithead runs for office

Veteran DOA frontman Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley is hoping to become a Member of Parliament in Canada.

He’s aiming to be nominated as Green Party candidate for an upcoming by-election in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Keithley, who’s fronted DOA since they began in 1978, argues that his experience as a bandleader and cultural activist makes him a potentially successful professional politician.

And that’s despite having written the hardcore punk track *I Don’t Give A Shit *in 1981.

Keithley says: “My top priorities are lowering costs for students, helping seniors, tax cuts, incentives for small businesses and promoting green technology.

“I would also work hard to protect our environment – and we all know the Greens are the only party actually committed to that.”

He adds: “It’s really about giving power back to the people. I will put the people’s wishes first – grassroots democracy is what I’m all about.”

Not only is one-time online news editor Martin an established rock journalist and drummer, but he’s also penned several books on music history. He’s appeared on TV and when not delving intro all things music, can be found travelling along the UK’s vast canal network.