DOA’s Shithead runs for office


Veteran DOA frontman Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley is hoping to become a Member of Parliament in Canada.

He’s aiming to be nominated as Green Party candidate for an upcoming by-election in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Keithley, who’s fronted DOA since they began in 1978, argues that his experience as a bandleader and cultural activist makes him a potentially successful professional politician.

And that’s despite having written the hardcore punk track *I Don’t Give A Shit *in 1981.

Keithley says: “My top priorities are lowering costs for students, helping seniors, tax cuts, incentives for small businesses and promoting green technology.

“I would also work hard to protect our environment – and we all know the Greens are the only party actually committed to that.”

He adds: “It’s really about giving power back to the people. I will put the people’s wishes first – grassroots democracy is what I’m all about.”