Deep Purple writing next record


Ian Gillan has revealed Deep Purple are holed up in their Portugal studio writing material for what will be their 20th studio album.

And he says they’re having a great time despite the “no frills” lifestyle.

Gillan tells Zeitung: “The whole band is here. We have a studio in the Algarve where we’re working on new songs.

“In the evening we take a sip of good red wine and enjoy the tranquility. I’m woken up at dawn by a rooster in the neighbourhood and I get up when it gets light. When it gets dark in the evening, I go to bed. It’s a no frills life; but it’s a good life down here.”

Purple last month launched a deluxe edition of classic live set Made In Japan – but Gillan admits he has no interest in listening to it.

“I don’t like live albums especially,” he says. “But I know the importance and significance of Made In Japan. The tour, 42 years ago, blew me away. It was my first time in a country where I felt fundamental differences in mentality to Europe.

“It was a culture shock to me. But it’s influenced me in a positive sense.”

And despite album work, the singer says it’s still all about playing live for him – to the extent that he doesn’t see himself ever stopping.

“I can’t imagine not being on stage,” he states. “When I was a teenager, I went to a Cliff Bennett concert and I released I wanted to be where he was. The interaction with the audience, and even more important for me, with the musicians – that’s pure magic.

“With a Deep Purple concert you never know exactly what will happen. I don’t want to miss those feelings.”

Purple’s last studio album, Now What?!, was launched last year.

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