Decapitated escape serious bus crash


Decapitated narrowly escaped serious injury for the second time when their tour bus was involved in an accident on Friday – while Deathstars were forced to flee a vehicle fire in a separate incident.

Polish outfit Decapitated report they were involved in a “serious” crash in New Orleans, and two members of their party spent several hours in hospital before being released.

A tour bus accident in 2007 killed drummer Witold Kieltyka, while frontman Adrian ‘Covan’ Kowanek underwent 36 hours of surgery following the tragedy and hasn’t yet made a full recovery.

They say: “We are all okay and we’ll continue our tour with American Sharks and Gwar. This time we were lucky.”

Meanwhile, Deathstars’ double-decker vehicle burst into flames soon after having been serviced in Austria yesterday – and they believe the situation could have been more serious if the driver hadn’t raised the alarm.

The rear of the vehicle exploded just minutes later, but all 16 on board had escaped.

Frontman Andreas Bergh says: “All of a sudden he shouted the bus was on fire. It was something to do with the electrical system. It’s only by a stroke of luck that we got out in time – we could have died in there. We are still in shock.”

Deathstars have been forced to cancel one show on their European tour but expect to continue as planned from now on.