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Dan Patlansky learned headspace lesson from Joe Satriani

Dan Patlansky
Dan Patlansky

Dan Patlansky learned a valuable lesson about headspace from Joe Satriani as they toured Europe together.

The South African bluesman supported Satch at 26 shows last year, and he’s recalled how impressed he was at the constant quality of the headliner’s performance.

Patlansky tells Purple Revolver: “It was like going to the university of guitar just being with a legend like him. I don’t think you can call yourself a guitarist and ignore the contribution that Joe Satriani has made. It’s impossible.

“I have never seen somebody perform on such a consistently brilliant level. That’s all about the headspace he creates for himself – his playing becomes this effortless thing, so that each show is bang on the money.

“Some nights it can feel like you’re walking through thick soup getting it right, because you overthink a note or a chord or whatever.

“Joe doesn’t, because of this headspace. He knows how to prepare himself properly.”

He adds that Satriani was also good company. “Every night he’d invite us into his room to warm up with him. He doesn’t need to do that, but he did.

“It became a life lesson – it doesn’t matter how big you become, you should still help others along the way.”

Patlansky launched latest album Introvertigo earlier this month. He tours the UK in June.

Dan Patlansky UK tour dates 2016

Jun 06: Shoreham Ropetackle Arts Centre
Jun 07: Cardiff Globe
Jun 09: London Jazz Cafe
Jun 10: Leek Foxlow Arts Centre
Jun 11: Chesterfield Real Time Live
Jun 12: Chester Live Rooms