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Cradle Of Filth museum piece defaced

A woman was thrown out of a museum after she defaced an “offensive” Cradle Of Filth t-shirt that was being used as part of an exhibition.

As reported last week, Canterbury Museum in New Zealand’s Christchurch is displaying the notorious shirt as part of its T-shirts Unfolding exhibition.

The garment features an image of a nun masturbating on the front, with the words ‘Jesus is a cunt’ emblazoned on the back.

Yesterday, a woman used black spray paint in an attempt to deface the display, which was protected by a perspex screen.

Cradle Of Filth have responded to the incident by describing the woman as a “bigot.”

Museum director Anthony Wright tells Radio NZ the paint has since been removed and the t-shirt remains in place.

On their Facebook page, Cradle Of Filth say: “Legendary and somewhat controversial Cradle Of Filth Jesus Is A Cunt t-shirt design is helplessly picked upon by freedom-of-speech-defying bigot in New Zealand museum.”

The band’s fans in Australia and in the UK have previously been charged with various offences for wearing the t-shirt in public.