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Couple arrested after abandoning child to see Godflesh gig

A Texas couple have been charged with child endangerment after abandoning their 11-year-old daughter for a day and a half while they went to see Godflesh play a gig over 1200 miles away.

John Guerreo, 48, and Virginia Yearnd, 39, of Spring, Texas, were arrested after authorities were informed that they had left their child at home while they travelled to Detroit to watch a gig by the British industrial metal pioneers on August 23.

Yearnd claimed that she had asked her sister to check in on the child during their absence, but police reportedly found her trying to cook for herself on the stove after being called in by the girl’s great aunt.

When the parents were finally contacted, they reportedly lied about their whereabouts, saying they were in Louisiana.

If found guilty, the pair could face up to 20 years in prison.