Clutch’s Neil Fallon wants people to stop asking bands to sound like they used to

Clutch frontman Neil Fallon
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Clutch's Neil Fallon has some sharp words to say about the fans who insist that bands continually recycle older sounds.

Speaking to Ryan J. Downey of Knotfest, the frontman declares his wish for listeners to stop trying to stifle band's musical progressions with such requests, while offering a theory as to why exactly sonic evolution might bother people so much.

Talking aboit how a band would sound repetitive if they were to continually make new music with reference to past offerings, he explains, “That’s one thing I never really quite understood. ‘Oh, I wish you could return back to your old sound’ or whatever. That’s like, Well, do you want the same thing over and over and over and over?

"There are bands that found a very specific thing and did very well doing variations of that one or two themes. I’m thinking of, like, AC/DC or the Ramones."

Elaborating on why he thinks some fans may be uncomfortable with these changes, he says, “That’s all well and good but, if you want to listen to… and honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with people wanting a time machine.

"It’s not so much they want the same music, [but instead] they want the period in their life that they associate with that music to come back. Musicians are not wizards. They can’t take you back to your glory days or a good time in your life, because ultimately I think that’s what people are actually looking for.

“I mean when you’re 17 years old, music is affecting your identity. For a lot of us that was part of us figuring out who we are. It’s a very exciting time, at young adulthood even, but as you get older it’s harder for you to have those influences because you’ve already gone through that. And you’re not going to have the same excitement of discovering a new world because you’re already there.”

Watch the full interview below:

Clutch's thirteenth studio album Sunrise on Slaughter Beach is out now via Weathermaker. The band kick off a UK tour in Glasgow next week, November 11.

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