Chicago's Lamm ready to record again


Chicago’s Robert Lamm says he’s ready to start work on a new Chicago album.

And he reveals if his bandmates don’t want to hit the studio, he’ll focus on solo material instead.

The group released their long-awaited album XXXVI last year and have detailed plans to tour across the US starting in April. Now mainman Lamm says aside from their live commitments, he’s keen to start writing again.

He says on the group’s official website: “Current focus is practice. Work with C begins in earnest later in February. Next step is viewing videos of past tours and reviewing songs of co-headlining bands to prepare for summer.

“Relocating my studio entailed looking through manuscripts of unfinished new songs. Will take my band partners’ temperature regarding interest in new recording, and depending on my readings, I may switch attention to solo ideas.”

Meanwhile, Chicago Live In ’75 will be released on February 23 via Rhino Records. It features two hours of live music, comes in a cardboard gatefold sleeve and includes a 16-page booklet.

Live In ’75 Tracklist


  1. Introduction 2. Anyway You Want 3. Beginnings 4. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? 5. Call On Me 6. Make Me Smile 7. So Much To Say, So Much To Give 8. Anxiety’s Moment 9. West Virginia Fantasies 10. Colour My World 11. To Be Free 12. Now More Than Ever 13. Ain’t It Blue? 14. Just You ’N’ Me 15. (I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long 16. Mongonucleosis 17. Old Days 18. 25 Or 6 To 4

Disc 2

  1. Got To Get You Into My Life 2. Free 3. I’m A Man 4. Dialogue 5. Wishing You Were Here 6. Feelin’ Stronger Every Day