Chantel McGregor urges: Listen to dubsteb


Chantel McGregor wants blues artists to listen to dubstep – because it’s been a positive influence on her own playing.

She believes it’s essential to experience genres outside their favourites in order to become better all-round musicians.

McGregor tells MusicRadar: “So many guitarists are guilty of listening to just one thing. A lot of blues players only listen to the blues, which stops them from thinking outside the box.

“If you mainly listen to blues, try something different like dubstep or metal. Listen to absolutely everything and absorb it all. If you don’t you’ll become really good at one thing and struggle taking it anywhere else.”

She adds: “I listen to a lot of dubstep stuff, like Nero – it can influence my guitar phrasing, despite being completely different. It’s all part of a melting pot and you should really be able to learn from it all.”

McGregor adds: “What’s the point of trying to rip off Stevie Ray Vaughan to the millionth degree? You might as well just listen to his music – he’ll do it better than you.”

She releases second album Lose Control on October 9.