Buckcherry's Todd slams 'computer rock'

Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd says a lot of modern rock sounds like “a computer spitting out songs.”

The singer has hit out at bands who rely on technology to sound good and adds that his own band prefer to stand up and be counted both in the studio and on stage.

Todd tells Q103: “A lot of the rock bands you hear on the radio, it doesn’t even sound like rock music anymore. It just sounds like a computer spitting out songs.

“There’s some pop artists in the pop world that are doing it right — like Sam Smith and Bruno Mars. They’re all playing and singing and they’ve got great bands and they’re great vocalists, and they have a lot of space and groove in their songs.

“That’s what we’ve always done, we’ve always just been a traditional rock band. We don’t add stuff that doesn’t need to be there and that isn’t there live, so that when you see us live, usually it’s a step up from the record, which is always cool.

“All these other bands that you are seeing live now, a lot of them are just running tracks and not even playing a lot of the stuff that you’re hearing that’s coming out of the PA.”

He adds that the beauty of live music is that the imperfections are there for all to see.

He says: “We’ve always prided ourselves on our live show and being a real live band and we like to associate with other bands that are really doing it live, and there’s a few of them out there.”

“I just wish we could just get back to, you go see a live show and it’s live – that’s it. That’s the beauty of going to see a live show — seeing the imperfections and also seeing songs played in a different way or approached differently. It’s cool. That’s what’s special about going and seeing live music.”

Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson said in October that the band plan to release a new album in 2015. They issued sweary EP Fuck in August.

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