BSR Johnson says bassist Crane is settling in well


New Black Star Riders bassist Robbie Crane is quickly winning over his new bandmates – mainly with his crazy stories.

Guitarist Damon Johnson says Crane – who replaced Marco Mendoza earlier this month – has brightened up the BSR tour bus, as well as being a great bassist.

Johnson tells Hard N Fast: “Robbie has a flawless reputation in the business of being a great player and a great guy. At this point for us, being able to travel and be around somebody that you dig is every bit as important as the playing ability.

“Robbie came in and just crushed the audition. We gave him a couple of Black Star Riders songs and a couple of Thin Lizzy tunes and he killed it. He’s got such a great attitude.

“My jaw is hurting from laughing so much, that guy has got so many great stories. He’s got good energy, so we feel really lucky. If we’re going to have to move on from such a great player as Marco, it’s great to have a killer guy.”

Johnson adds that joining BSR and Thin Lizzy was a no brainer for him, as he has been “ripping off Lizzy” for his entire career anyway.

He says: “For me, I get to be as Thin Lizzy as I want to be. There was an element of that, as far as the writing part, that was so easy. It was really easy. I’ve been ripping off Thin Lizzy my whole career dude, and trying to cleverly disguise it. Now I don’t have to hide it anymore!”

Damon Johnson on Robbie Crane and landing his dream job