Brother Firetribe at mercy of Nightwish


Brother Firetribe have no complaints over the fact their careers are linked entirely to the schedule of Nightwish.

Formed by Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen as a side project in 2002, Brother Firetribe have been at the mercy of Vuorinen’s other commitments ever since.

There was a six year delay between Brother Firetribe’s third album Diamond In The Firepit – released in May – and 2008’s Heart Full Of Fire.

But according to singer Pekka Ansio Heino, it’s a situation the other band members are all happy with.

He tells Bravewords: “The band was born with that cross to bear. Back in 2010 we did the last gig for the previous album and then Nightwish went on their way touring the world again, so we agreed on taking a break and it was a much needed break.

It wasn’t a problem. Life just went on, everybody got busy trying to make a living, and all of a sudden we realised ‘holy shit, it’s been way too long since the last album, let’s start doing something.‘”

Heino adds that there was never any expectation the band would go beyond being anything other than some friends having fun.

He says: “Brother Firetribe came out of getting together and having fun, having a few beers while writing some songs. All of a sudden we realised we had a bunch of songs, and somebody was crazy enough to sign us.”

“We didn’t really have any intention of doing an album in the first place, so this band was born as a side project. Nobody expected anything. Without Emppu’s involvement I’m not so sure anybody would have been interested; that’s a fact.

“We had an advantage in that sense because we drew more attention than some other bands making a debut album. But, at the end of the day I think we really made our mark.”

Watch the video for Brother Firetribe’s single For Better Or For Worse below